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You CAN do it

Your here to have fun & make new friends, so relax, we all started just like you
Remember everyone learns at different rates, some may take longer than others,
but so long as your having fun, that's all that matters!!
if you follow this advice I'm sure you'll be off to a good start.
Set yourself realistic goals, and ATTEND REGULARLY
Some people can find their first session a little overwhelming, and some get disheartened because they think they should be step perfect straight away.
But remember you didn't learn to walk or read overnight, like anything the more you do it the better you'll become and before you know it, it will be second nature.
No need to feel self conscious.
Sometimes I hear people make comments like "I feel like everyone's watching me" or "its embarrassing when I make a mistake". There is no need to feel that way, no one is watching or judging, we're too busy remembering our own steps. We all muck up from time to time, just have a little giggle, get on with it and remember the Dancers motto... "We don't make mistakes...  just the occasional variation"
You are the best judge of your progress.
If you think you need extra help... SPEAK UP and ASK
there will always be someone willing to help.
Printable - Basic Steps Guide
here are a few videos, showing Line Dance basics on Youtube

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